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Preview of blog posts to come…

June 11, 2011

So, we have a lot to catch up on. Nicole and I are going to try to fire off as many blog posts as we can over the next six weeks. Here is a list of things we have decided to post on:

  • Istanbul: What it’s like living in the big city, what we think of the sights
  • Our apartment and neighborhood in Istanbul: going to sleep to thumping techno beats
  • Our trip to Plovdiv, Bulgaria: How awesome and cheap it is there–especially the wine
  • Turkish food and beer: Kebap, mezzes, and Efes
  • Working out in Istanbul: Nicole’s aborted attempts to exercise outside of the apartment. And relatedly, sexism in Turkey
  • Rooftop terraces in Istanbul
  • California budget crisis
  • George’s solo trip to Ankara
  • The difficulties of researching in Turkey and researching American politics in Turkey
  • How reading U.S. political news causes Nicole to have a mental breakdown
  • Istanbul nightlife
  • Prince’s Islands: no cars allowed!
  • Turkey’s 2011 Election
  • What it’s like for Nicole to live abroad for the first time
  • Trip back to Kosovo
  • Moving to Diyarbakir and exploring southeastern Turkey
  • Ranked Choice Voting, democratic legitimacy, and racial politics in Oakland
  • Redistricting-a-palooza in California

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