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I’ve posted some abstracts of forthcoming pieces on the main page. Here are some other published pieces:

Willcoxon, G.F. (2017). Contention, Violence, and Stalemate in Post-War Libya. Mediterranean Politics. 22(1), 91-114.

UN – ESCWA. (2015). Trends and Impacts Issue No. 4: Protracted Conflict and Development in the Arab Region. United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia.

Willcoxon, G. F. (2015). Peacebuilding, Political Order, and Post-War Risks. University of California, Berkeley. (Dissertation).

Willcoxon, G. F. (2014). Some Reflections on the Revolution in Libya and on Avoiding a Recurrence of Civil War. The Diplomatist.

Chivvis, C. S., Oliker, O., Liepman, A., Connable, B., Young, W., & Willcoxon, G. (2013). Initial Thoughts on the Impact of the Iraq War on U.S. National Security Structures. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation. PR-568-OSD.

Willcoxon, G. F. (2012). The Security Sector After Qaddafi: Challenges for the Transition in Libya. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation. WR-964-SRF.

Willcoxon, N. E., & Willcoxon, G. F. (2011). The Political Economy of Decline in California. California Journal of Politics and Policy, 3(1).

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Willcoxon, G. F. (2006b). On the Brink: Transitional Policing in Kosovo. Master’s Thesis in Public Policy.

Willcoxon, G. F. (2006c). Secrets don’t make friends. PolicyMatters, 3(2).

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