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July 20, 2010

Less than 10 comments in and I already need a comments policy.  Sheesh.

The purpose of this website and blog is outlined in the inaugural post.  I want the comments section of this website to match that purpose.  Therefore, comments should be substantively or inquisitively related to the post in question.  If you want to pump your issue, political science theory, political candidate, whatever, that’s fine as long as its related to the post and somehow substantive– not, you know, “un-substantive.”

Comments that ask me personal questions, reveal information about people who aren’t public figures, or  are considered other “bad internet etiquette” (thread jacking, etc.), will be deleted.  In larger blogs, these sorts of comments might be self-policing, with other commenters enforcing norms of appropriate behavior, but since this is a small blog, I will just do it myself.

If you have a personal question for me, such as: about my research, what party I belong to, who my family members support for mayor, how often I take my dog for a walk, or something like that, then please email me at gwillcoxon at gmail dot com.  I don’t have anything to hide!  But this blog’s comments’ sections are for other things than personal questions.

Finally, and this goes without saying really, that I will delete racist, homophobic, sexist, and other prejudiced comments.  That would include comments that impute a characteristic to an individual from a perceived characteristic of an ascriptive group to which that person belongs, or that attack an ascriptive grouping itself.

If other bloggers would like to offer me advice on comments policies, I am all ears.  I will be using a liberal interpretation of these rules, so if you aren’t sure if your comment is appropriate, just go ahead and post it.


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